Geocaching 101

8 Mar 2017

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is the modern outdoor treasure hunt game that is both educational and entertaining for friends and family. It’s time to give it a try at the lake! Read the full article

How To Photograph Water Birds Near the Shoreline

9 Jul 2014

Heron and Loon

It isn’t easy to take great pictures of shorebirds, waterfowl, and water birds at the cottage. Photographers need patience, a sound strategy, and a bit of luck to get the best images of herons, loons, geese, ducks and other birds that frequent the cabin shoreline. Read the full article

Wildflower Photo Techniques

8 Nov 2013

Thistle In Bloom
The best wildflower photos are captured when the plants begin to bloom. Read the full article

Hummingbird Photography

7 Nov 2013

Hummingbird Photography
Taking the perfect picture of a hummingbird requires a bit of strategy, a touch of know-how, and a ton of patience. Read the full article

Wildlife Photo Techniques

18 Apr 2011

Photographing wildlife at the cabin can be an exhilarating and frustrating hobby, especially if winning a cottage photo contest has become your top goal in life. The perfect shot requires careful planning, proper technique and plain good luck. Read the full article

Bonfire And Campfire

4 Apr 2011


How do you build a safe bonfire?
The bonfire is the highlight of many weekends at the lake.  With a bit of preparation the fire will be a safe and memorable event filled with fun and great food. Read the full article

Leisure Activities

23 Mar 2011

Leisure time at the cottage?  What a concept! Here are some great cottage activities to help you relax at the lake. Read the full article

Cottage Games

22 Mar 2011

Top Cottage Games

Whether it’s bocce ball, badminton, cards or croque, nothing symbolizes life at the lake more than cottage games. Read the full article

Photography Equipment

10 Feb 2011

Wildlife photos, landscape photos and family photos all help preserve the wonderful moments spent at the cabin. Life at the cottage is filled with unique events that just beg to be filmed or photographed. Why not have your own photo contest at the cabin this year? Read the full article