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BBQ Debate: Time to Go Charcoal?

30 Apr 2018 Cottage Meals

rusty bbq
The barbecue is one of the most important appliances we have at the cottage. In fact, for some cottage owners, the BBQ is the number one piece of cottage equipment. Read the full article

Best Time to Pick Blueberries

23 Jul 2017 Cottage Meals

best time to pick blueberries
Blueberry season is here and cottagers across Canada and the United States are venturing out with their baskets, bear bells, and bug spray to collect their favourite wild berries. Read the full article

5 ways to reduce food expenses

10 Mar 2016 Cottage Meals

Cottage food expenses can get out of control very quickly if we don’t set a budget and stick to it. Read the full article

10 tips to minimize cottage trash

9 Mar 2016 Cottage Meals

Garbage is always a problem at the cottage, but there are ways to keep the trash under control. Read the full article

Breakfast idea for big groups

5 Jul 2014 Cottage Meals

English muffin with egg, cheese and hamServing breakfast to big groups at the cottage can be a real hassle. Here is a simple, tasty and efficient way to feed the family and guests on a weekend at the cabin. Read the full article

Pasta Meat Sauce Recipe

16 Jun 2014 Cottage Meals

Pasta meat sauce recipe.The best meat sauce for pasta is homemade. This simple and delicious recipe is the perfect meal idea for a pasta lunch or dinner at the cottage. Read the full article

Apple Crumble Squares

14 Jun 2014 Cottage Meals

Apple crumble square recipe.Here is a simple recipe for making delicious homemade apple crumble squares from scratch at the cabin.

This is a great dessert idea to finish off a weekend meal at the cottage. Read the full article

Tasty Cottage Pancakes

13 Jun 2014 Cottage Meals

Fluffy Homemade PancakesHomemade pancakes are a great weekend breakfast idea at the cottage.

Here is a simple recipe for making tasty, fluffy homemade pancakes from scratch at the cabin. Read the full article

What Are Saskatoon Berries?

29 Jul 2013 Cottage Meals

Ripe Saskatoon BerriesA saskatoon berry is also known as a service berry, shad berry, sugar pear or simply, a saskatoon. These delicious berries are famous in the Canadian Prairies, but found throughout Canada and in some northern areas in the U.S. Read the full article

Tasty Homemade Mini Pizza

28 Jun 2013 Cottage Meals

Mini PizzaMini pizzas are a great lunch idea for the cabin when you have a hungry gang that wants to eat and run. In fact, this afternoon snack is so simple to prepare, you can put the kids in charge of the cottage lunch. Read the full article