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Dock Spiders Everywhere!

15 Aug 2020 Wildlife Stories

Dock spiders get their name due to their preference for living between and underneath the boards of the cottage dock. Read the full article

Muskie Attack Sends Woman to ER

2 Aug 2020 Wildlife Stories

large muskie
A Winnipeg woman got a terrifying shock in late July when a large muskie bit her leg while she was swimming in the Winnipeg River, near Minaki in NW Ontario.

Ferocious predators

Muskies are prized catches for anglers in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

The section of the Winnipeg River near Minaki, where the woman was attacked, is well-known for its muskie fishing. Anglers regularly land monsters measuring 3-4 feet in length and 50-inch fish are in the area.

The elusive predator sits at the top of the fish food chain and is famous for being very difficult to catch.

Muskie attacks on ducks, muskrats, and other small animals that venture into the water are common. Attacks on people, however, are very rare, but they do occur. It is unknown why this fish bit the woman’s leg.

At the time, the water might have been full of bait fish that attracted the muskie close to the woman and it was simply a case of being in the wrong place at a bad time. She mentioned she was standing in waist-high water close to a weed bed.

Unlike sharks, which are actually large enough to kill and consume a swimmer, muskies are not capable of eating an adult person. However, from the story told by the woman, this muskie meant business. The fish dragged her under the water and only let go when she pounded it with her fists.

The photos of the injuries are disturbing and the woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair her calf.

Are kids at risk of a muskie attack?

The fact that the fish was able to pull the woman below the surface leads one to wonder if a child could be attacked. It would be possible, but families shouldn’t avoid the beautiful lakes and rivers of the region as a result.

Thousands of people swim in muskie-filled waters every year and this is only the second time I have ever heard of a person being bitten by one of these fish.

The incident is a good reminder that kids should always wear lifejackets when in the water, even close to shore. As cottagers, we have to be mindful of all risks in the lake, but a muskie attack should be low on the fear list.

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Written by: Andrew Walker

Ticks Everywhere!

14 Jun 2018 Wildlife Stories

Wood Ticks

June is always a bad month for wood ticks at the cottage, but this year things are really crazy. Read the full article

Forest Tent Caterpillar Invasion!

9 Jun 2017 Wildlife Stories

forest tent caterpillars on tree
The forest tent caterpillar infestation has hit a new level of madness, and I hope this year will finally be the peak. Read the full article

Wildflower: Jack in the pulpit

28 May 2017 Wildlife Stories

jack in the pulpitJack in the pulpit (arisaema triphyllum) might just be my favourite forest wildflower. Read the full article

Groundhog Troubles?

8 May 2017 Wildlife Stories


Watching young groundhogs (woodchucks) run around the cottage property can provide hours of entertainment, but these critters can also cause cabin owners some serious grief. Read the full article

Nature’s Amazing Art

17 Dec 2016 Wildlife Stories

A walk in the woods or along the shoreline often turns up some of nature’s most fascinating artistic creations. Read the full article

How to identify a sauger

10 Feb 2016 Wildlife Stories

how to identify a saugerWalleye anglers sometimes catch an odd-looking fish that resembles a walleye but is covered in dark blotches. Read the full article

Is a bear stalking your cottage?

9 Feb 2016 Wildlife Stories

Black Bear at the Cottage Hear are the tell-tale signs that you might have a bear problem at the cottage. Read the full article